Democratic mail firm Mack Crounse to close shop

Mail consultants Kevin Mack and Jim Crounse are going their separate ways after seven years as partners at Mack Crounse Group, one of the industry’s top Democratic mail shops.

The Virginia-based firm did mail for both of President Obama’s campaigns, and counts dozens of Democratic members of Congress among its clients. Both Mack and Crounse plan on setting up new firms in the wake of their business split.

“I have great respect for Kevin and he is a good friend,” Crounse wrote in an email to friends and clients last week. “However, we’ve come to the realization that our client bases are very different, and in today's world of firewalls, independent expenditures, and super PACs , this is the best step for our clients, staff and ourselves.”

In the email, Crounse said it will take “a little time to unwind the Mack Crounse Group and clients will still get the same service.” As for his new firm, Crounse didn’t offer any detail on potential partners or staff, but did say he intends on setting up shop “sometime soon.”

In an email to C&E, Mack said his new firm already has a name, and that “every member of the ‘Mack Team’ will be joining me, including my top designers and production staff.”   

“This is in the best interest of my clients, staff and myself,” Mack said in the email. “Change is good and our new firm, Mack Sumner Communications, will offer the same strategic, design and production excellence that we always have.”

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