Truth vs. Believability: What Really Matters?

An Online Fundraising Guide to the 2018 Elections

The Future of Online Fundraising

Is Your Firm Ready for the EU’s New Data Regulations?

  • Aug 4, 2017

In May of 2018 a new directive will take effect within the European Union that will have far reaching implications for campaigns....

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5 Digital Campaign Trends in Germany

  • Jul 18, 2017

What are Germans doing online and what does it mean for digital campaigners who are looking for ways to effectively communicate with...

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How Tech and Data Tools Are Helping a Pro-EU Lobby Fight Brexit In the UK

  • Jul 12, 2017

What could possibly bring together a former Conservative MP, a Liberal Democrat Campaign Manager, and an active Labour member? Surprisingly...

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VR and 360 Video: What Campaigns Can Use Right Now

  • Jun 29, 2017

I’ve heard more than one Ted Talk over the past couple of years focused on how Virtual Reality is about to “revolutionize everything...

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Why We Didn’t Need a Representative Sample to Predict a Trump Victory

  • Jun 7, 2017

The results of the 2016 US presidential elections caught a huge number of pundits and pollsters by surprise. All the major poll-based...

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