Obama for America 2.0?

The end of an election cycle and the start of a second term

The official Obama 2012 Twitter account sprang to life late Wednesday morning—the first sign of activity since Election Day.

Campaign Manager Jim Messina has spoken to a new direction for Obama for America that will take advantage of the campaign’s online and offline networks to support President Obama’s administration moving forward. While digital experts expect OFA to get involved in legislative battles in the long run, for now it appears focused on expanding the reach of POTUS’ messages to campaign supporters.

At approximately 11:36 am, @Obama2012 sent out this tweet, announcing OFA would be live-tweeting Obama’s latest address on tax cuts:

We’ll be live-tweeting the President’s remarks on extending tax cuts for millions of families.

— Obama 2012 (@Obama2012) November 28, 2012

The tweet comes on the heels of the #My2K hashtag, which the White House plans to promote across social networks—an addition to the fiscal cliff debate. It alludes to the tax increase a middle-class family of four will see, should the Bush tax cuts expire.

Prior to today, OFA’s last tweet came on Nov. 6, linking to a photo of a supporter holding up a campaign yard sign:

Signs in the air for Obama-Biden: twitter.com/Obama2012/stat…

— Obama 2012 (@Obama2012) November 7, 2012

Is this the start of a new era for OFA?

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