Organization and Analytics Help Take Down Trump in Iowa

  • Feb 02, 2016

Forget Ted Cruz versus Marco Rubio, or Donald Trump versus the GOP establishment. Iowa could be defined by a battle between two data analytics firms: Cambridge Analytica, which consulted for the Texas...

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Trump’s Latest FEC Report Should Worry GOP Campaign Pros

  • Feb 01, 2016

Donald Trump isn’t the only one who should be nervous ahead of Monday’s Iowa Caucuses. Consultants have reason to worry that a victory for the businessman-turned presidential candidate Monday night could...

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What Iowa Will Teach Us

  • Jan 31, 2016

A crescendo of activity unfolds in the final days before the Iowa caucus. The media descends on Des Moines. Candidates and their surrogates rush from event to event. Meanwhile, multiple public surveys...

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Digital Firm Gets Carrier Buy-In For Text Donations

  • Jan 29, 2016

Campaign donations are the new phone bill line item. After roughly eight months of negotiations, Revolution Messaging reached an agreement with the top cellphone carriers and their industry trade group...

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New Platform Offers Iowa, NH Hyper-Local Ad Inventory

  • Jan 28, 2016

Local access programming has gone digital and given campaigns another channel to reach voters in early primary states.  Programming Corporation of America recently partnered with the Des Moines Register...

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